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Most business people don’t give much thought to business card printing, can’t blame them really. Although almost every business person has them and they constantly receive business cards from other business people, rarely do they give any thought to the design, layout, colour or the stock that they’re printed on.

Business cards are an important selling tool so suitable business card design is crucial. They are usually the first piece of marketing material that you hand out and in many situations they are they only document that a customer or prospective customer has, with your name and contact details.

Business cards Sydney can be used strictly as a contact information piece or a appointment reminders with headings and lines printed on the back so the appointment details can be recorded.

The front of your business cards should be printed with the company name, address, phone, fax, email & website. Obviously your name, title & mobile number should also be printed on the front.

Another important detail that should be printed on the front of your business card is your company USP (unique selling proposition). This is a one line statements that clearly defines the difference between you and your competitors.

There’s a very important advertising opportunity on business cards that most business people completely miss, and that’s the back.

The back of a business card is a small billboard just screaming out for your sales message. You can use it to list your products, services, opening hours, branches & outlets, phone numbers for specific departments or states or best of all, the reasons why people should deal with you and not your competitors.

Use a catchy heading like –

Here’s 5 Reasons to Choose Business Cards Perth
for all Your XXXXX Requirements.

Then list the five reasons alongside bullet points.

Business cards are usually of similar size (55mm x 90mm) but can be any size you wish. They can be printed single colour or multicolour, they can be printed on glossy or mat stock, embossed, foiled, die-cut, laminated, etc.

In some specialty areas in the printing industry some companies print their business cards on the stock that represents their primary business. For example, binder manufacturers may printing their business cards on a clear or frosted PVC.

Other companies my produce their business cards so they’re very different from normal cards. One style that comes to mind is a fan-out style made with two cards with an eyelet top left corner so the recipient fans the business card out.

The amount of colours or embellishments on your business cards does not really matter, as long as they look professional and portray your business. That’s what they should do.

Most print shops provide business card printing Manchester so give your local printer a call.

Barcodes Move into the Future with 2D

Information technology advances faster than many consumers can track. Some of us are just becoming aware that the linear barcode we’ve recognized for years on everything from groceries to clothing tags to coupons is changing. The 2D barcode contains more information than can be packed into a linear barcode.

Based on its name, you can presume that the 2D barcode scanner picks up data that is more than basic product name and price. The barcode reader captures information from the crossword puzzle looking code that has been stacked vertically, thus it’s two dimensional. With more available space, information like lot processing, shipment manifest and serial number/sku data can be programmed into the barcode. Thus when the barcode reader scans the barcode, it basically has access to a data file.

Not all barcode readers can read the newer codes and specific 2D barcode scanners are necessary. However, the 2D can read 1D linear barcodes.

The 2D barcode allows for a large amount of information stored in a small amount of space. This is especially advantageous for small products. Also, as the amount of data increases, it’s stacked vertically, maintaining the integrity of smaller barcodes which barcode readers scan quickly and easily.

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Using Glossy Paper For Your Full Color Offest Printing Jobs

If you are trying to make your print job jump off the sheet you should print in color on a glossy sheet.
Offset printing color on a glossy sheet gives you good ink holdout and thus will give you the brightest colors as compared to printing on uncoated sheets that the ink can absorb into.

It certainly starts with good digital artwork. There is a saying that goes garbage in – garbage out.. If you have low quality, low res files by printing offset in color on glossy paper is not a miracle cure. Glossy paper when being made has a thin layer of clay applied that gives the sheet the coated or glossy look. This also helps the ink from soaking into the sheet too much thus giving better “ink holdout.” This ink holdout will give you your brightest colors possible with the artwork you have created.

Full Color Printing – What Does it Mean?

When you look at printing search terms on the internet full color commercial printing comes up fairly high on the list. What does full color printing represent to a commercial printer? To a commercial printer, full color printing is printing in CMYK. These are the 4 basic colors that a printer uses to reproduce a color photograph. CMYK represents Cyan(C), Magenta(M), Yellow(Y) and Black(K).

These are based on the primary colors of light.

Cyan is similar to a bright baby blue and magenta is close to a pinky red. Being a man it is hard to describe colors this way but that is how I would describe them. A colored picture is broken up into dots of these four colors. These dots are arranged to represent as close as it can to a continuos tone picture(photograph) in varying sizes and percentages. This is what full color printing means to a commercial web printer.

Technicolor Web Printing uses the latest in technology to provide a consistant product at very competitive prices. We speicalize in magazine printing and heat or cold set printing.

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