Barcodes Move into the Future with 2D

Information technology advances faster than many consumers can track. Some of us are just becoming aware that the linear barcode we’ve recognized for years on everything from groceries to clothing tags to coupons is changing. The 2D barcode contains more information than can be packed into a linear barcode.

Based on its name, you can presume that the 2D barcode scanner picks up data that is more than basic product name and price. The barcode reader captures information from the crossword puzzle looking code that has been stacked vertically, thus it’s two dimensional. With more available space, information like lot processing, shipment manifest and serial number/sku data can be programmed into the barcode. Thus when the barcode reader scans the barcode, it basically has access to a data file.

Not all barcode readers can read the newer codes and specific 2D barcode scanners are necessary. However, the 2D can read 1D linear barcodes.

The 2D barcode allows for a large amount of information stored in a small amount of space. This is especially advantageous for small products. Also, as the amount of data increases, it’s stacked vertically, maintaining the integrity of smaller barcodes which barcode readers scan quickly and easily.