Business Cards Perth

Most business people don’t give much thought to business card printing, can’t blame them really. Although almost every business person has them and they constantly receive business cards from other business people, rarely do they give any thought to the design, layout, colour or the stock that they’re printed on.

Business cards are an important selling tool so suitable business card design is crucial. They are usually the first piece of marketing material that you hand out and in many situations they are they only document that a customer or prospective customer has, with your name and contact details.

Business cards Sydney can be used strictly as a contact information piece or a appointment reminders with headings and lines printed on the back so the appointment details can be recorded.

The front of your business cards should be printed with the company name, address, phone, fax, email & website. Obviously your name, title & mobile number should also be printed on the front.

Another important detail that should be printed on the front of your business card is your company USP (unique selling proposition). This is a one line statements that clearly defines the difference between you and your competitors.

There’s a very important advertising opportunity on business cards that most business people completely miss, and that’s the back.

The back of a business card is a small billboard just screaming out for your sales message. You can use it to list your products, services, opening hours, branches & outlets, phone numbers for specific departments or states or best of all, the reasons why people should deal with you and not your competitors.

Use a catchy heading like –

Here’s 5 Reasons to Choose Business Cards Perth
for all Your XXXXX Requirements.

Then list the five reasons alongside bullet points.

Business cards are usually of similar size (55mm x 90mm) but can be any size you wish. They can be printed single colour or multicolour, they can be printed on glossy or mat stock, embossed, foiled, die-cut, laminated, etc.

In some specialty areas in the printing industry some companies print their business cards on the stock that represents their primary business. For example, binder manufacturers may printing their business cards on a clear or frosted PVC.

Other companies my produce their business cards so they’re very different from normal cards. One style that comes to mind is a fan-out style made with two cards with an eyelet top left corner so the recipient fans the business card out.

The amount of colours or embellishments on your business cards does not really matter, as long as they look professional and portray your business. That’s what they should do.

Most print shops provide business card printing Manchester so give your local printer a call.