Pre-production Steps to Remember for Business Card Printing

In order to run a business properly, certain things are of absolute importance. Whereas, some other things are also there that are required to enhance the business, let the world know of its existence, promote or market it and maximize profit. In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, the best and the easiest thing to do is to have business card. It may be a small thing to look at but has huge potential. It is precisely a thing that has your name, company profile, contact information, address, etc., which you need to give to your clients, associates, customers.


It is something that would make them aware of your existence in the industry as and when they see it. Since, it is so important and can create huge impact on the receiver, you need to ensure that it looks proper. The business card print should look professional to have the desired effect on the recipient. The paper quality has to be good and the print should be legible. Your business card should reflect your professional attitude. You cannot use cards that are too flashy or have extreme designer look. Use of too much color is not acceptable at all.


You have to be sure of the look of the business card before forwarding it to a printing service provider. You would find many business card printing Gold Coast agencies in your locality among which you need to choose the best suited one for you. In case, you do not have any idea about the design of the card you want to have, you can ask the printing agency to show you the layout of few of the best selling card designs. Once you have chosen the style, you need to provide your content as that is going to be unique. After the required pre-production steps are completed, it would go for printing.

Design Your Custom T-Shirt online with Design Studio

Artistic Apparel LLC has a new Design Studio on our website for your convenience. This is a real time and money saver for our clients as you can now custom design your own T-Shirt with your artwork or ours and save the design costs involved with having us put together proofs for your approval.

Please feel free to shop and design at your own leisure from anywhere that you might have an internet connection, and then submit the order to us through our secure check out process. Your order can be submitted without payment and will be subject to our approval process.

The Design Studio is a very intuitive platform which is easy to use and understand, making use of a simple 3 step process whereby you select a product, create a design, and then customize it to your liking, by adding text or changing clip art or colors.

Once you are satisfied with your work you can add it to your cart where you will select quantities and sizes before you submit your final order.


5 Thing You Need to Consider

1. You’re not a commercial printer

Your strengths will always be in your expertise. If you’re a plumber, plumbing is your strong point. Why waste your time doing tasks that have nothing to do with your business and expertise. By taking advantages of a commercial printer, you’ll no longer have to worry about how to get it done, just how much it costs.

2. They’ll do a better job

Just as you do what you do for a living, so do commercial printers. They know what issues can arise and exactly how to take care of them. And if you want, most have design studios that can assist in improving your designs too, making the final product even better.

3. You’ll save money

Just like you save money from buying bulk in stores, you’ll usually save money with commercial printers because they deal with large quantities too. They’re able to get print supplies cheaper than you can, and can therefore do the same job for less than you could do it for. Granted, you MIGHT be able to do it cheaper if you spend your own time and efforts doing it yourself, but how much was your time really worth? If you’d invested that time into your business and other projects, how much could you have earned? The commercial printing competition out there is also pretty stiff, so you should be able to get decent prices pretty much anywhere you go.

4. You’ll have better options

Chances are, your commercial printer will have a huge variety of printing options to cater to all types of projects and businesses. Want something printed on plastic or metal? Or perhaps a slot inside a brochure to hold a business card? Chances are, your printer will be able to tackle any job you hand over.

5. You’ll get direct delivery

Pretty much any well-established printer will deliver projects directly to you or your client’s location. Isn’t it great when you can do a job well, get it printed up, and have it delivered right at your doorstep?

These are just five important things you should consider when thinking about moving toward commercial printing. There’s more to think about, but these will give you a great start.

Using Printed Documents in Your Marketing Mix

The use of printed documents in your marketing mix can be on of the most successful methods of growing your business.

There are four key areas where we can achieve the most impact.

New business Marketing

Generating a consistent flow of new business.

Documents that can be used for this area include –

  • Unaddressed Mail Flyers
  • Personalised Sales Letters
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Packaging
  • Case Study Sheets
  • Testimonial Sheets
  • Special Offer Vouchers
  • Promotional Folders

Client Marketing

Retaining customers & increasing purchasing frequency.

There’s a goldmine lurking in your customer base. Your current clients are your hottest prospects for buying more from you, but how do you sell it?

Here’s some ideas –

  • Lapsed/Lost Client Letters
  • Invitation cards & flyers to Special Events
  • New Client Thankyou Cards
  • Birthday, Xmas, Special Event Cards
  • Direct Mail New Products & Services
  • Client VIP Card
  • Variable Data “Personalised” Postcards
  • In-store cross Selling Offers
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogues

Corporate Image & Branding

Keep your company and message “top of mind”
Image is everything!

Is your brand ‘out there’, would you like your company to be noticed, Is you company image consistent across your entire range of stationery?

We can help retain & improve your corporate image & branding with –

  • Business Cards & Networking Cards
  • Large & Small Format Signs & Banners
  • Interior Direction Signs
  • Printed Corporate Profile
  • Display Systems
  • Brand & Corporate Colour Management
  • Document Style Management
  • Stationery Items, Comp Slips, Letterheads, etc.
  • Graphic Design Services & Typesetting

Sales Tools & Materials

Increasing your conversion and average sale value
How can we sell anything to anybody without the correct tools?

How can we measure what works and what doesn’t?

How about these –

  • POS Promotional Signage & Printing
  • Tally Sheets
  • Sales Enquiry Forms
  • Customer Information Forms
  • Customer Club or Competition Forms
  • Printed Service Commitment Statement
  • Visitor Book
  • How To Guides
  • Product Benefit Sheets & Flyers
  • Corporate Profile
  • Presentation Folder

The Tricks to Successfully Manage Your Company Printing

Managing company printing can be a significant cost centre.

For larger organisations it can literally mean an employee spending up to 100% of their time on this time consuming problem that just won’t go away.

For smaller businesses it means that an existing employee, who’s usually working in an area that’s nothing whatsoever to do with printing, knows nothing printing and doesn’t want to know anything about printing. And all the while maintain existing workloads.

A big ask in any language.

The printing industry is extremely complex and trying to understand it to a level where an educated buying decision can be made is a long, arduous task. This level of understanding is critical as your employee needs to be able to present information to the printers so they can clearly understand what is required.

Knowing which printer to call is also a complex decision in itself as some printers are much better at printing some products than they are at others.

For example, the printer you call to print the full colour annual report may well be much too expensive for printing business cards and/or letterheads.

You really do need to know which portion of the market your printing company is best at servicing otherwise you’ll be paying far too much for your company printing without ever knowing.

Remember, one small error or omission when requesting a quote or when placing a printing order can result in a very expensive reprint or at best, an embarrassing moment.

Just some of the issues that need to be addressed include ink colour, the number of ink colours, paper type & grammage, the type of document, binding options, embellishments, etc, etc.

And there are no universities or educational institutions where the management of company printing can be learnt. It all has to be learnt on the job in a company is to manage its own company printing.

In recent years technology has had an enormous impact on both prepress & production in terms of efficiency & output.

The PDF format has become the industry standard worldwide for moving large & small artwork files. PDF stands for portable document file and these files can be used for compressing & transporting text or graphics from any platform.

Many businesses now employee desktop publishers who create the artwork for all their company printing and supply it to their printing company in PDF format.

In the area of production, it’s not running speeds that have been affected by technology, rather it’s the set-up time where the biggest gains have occurred. For example, the outputting of negatives is on the decline. The image is now output directly onto the printing plate.

Makeready times are becoming shorter with each new generation of presses and ink consistency has much improves with computerised ink setting & recording.

Then there’s storage.

I know of many businesses that, due to lack of storage and/or expensive rents, store their company printing in very unusual places such as the ladies toilets, under desks and on top of the fridge.

I know of many businesses that order company printing in very small quantities because they have no room to store it. This results in paying very high unit costs for company printing.

For example 5,000 letterheads may only cost around 50% more than 2,500 letterheads… double the quantity for 50% more.

So, managing your own company printing has very few benefits but many headaches unless you or an employee has a working understanding of the printing.

The Simple Truth is, They Can’t

If your business uses printed stationery of any kind, you can save a substantial amount of time, money and stress by taking advantage of our truly unique printing service.

Although we provide a total printing service for your graphic design and offset printing requirements, we are definitely not your average printing company.

We don’t have a single printing press on our premises, no tins of ink, no stocks of paper or any of the other rubbish that litters your average print shop.

What we do have is 39 years of industry experience covering all facets of the printing industry plus a crystal clear understanding of what a true ‘printing service’ means.

You see, we’re Print Brokers.

We operate in the same manner as insurance brokers or mortgage brokers.

Over many years we have formed a team of professional manufacturing printers who give us what we want, when we want it, at the right price.

At Online Printing Services you can have your total graphic design and offset printing requirements, professionally managed from top to bottom, at a price you couldn’t possibly match by doing it yourself.

Our complete printing service includes full colour printing, brochures, postcards, business cards, newsletters, business stationery, envelopes, flyers, annual reports, computer stationery, cheques and all your sales & marketing stationery.

Why a Broker?

We haggle with printing suppliers for the lowest price so our customers pay less for their printing than ever before. We do all the dirty work & running around so our customers don’t have to.

Over the years we have found that the major concern with most printing companies are production related problems and issues.

And rightly so with a single printing press alone costing upwards of $800,000 not to mention ancillary equipment, plus the cost of keeping up with ‘bleeding edge’ technology.

As one can appreciate their focus is well and truly on keeping these expensive monsters maintained and running efficiently.

But more importantly, printing companies are much less efficient when they produce work that’s not suited to their equipment.

Let me explain…

Did you know that all printing companies operate within specific market niches?

You probably didn’t as no sensible printing company would actually tell you.

You see, printing companies order their printing presses and ancillary manufacturing equipment to suit specific requirements.

You can order a printing press that has a maximum print size of A4 or you can order one that will print up to A3, or up to A2, etc, etc.

Similarly, printing presses can be ordered to print 1 colour in 1 pass (a single colour press), 2 colours in 1 pass (a 2 colour press), 4 colours and so on.

The same applies to finishing equipment & processes such as folders, collators, binders, embossing, foiling, laminating, etc, etc.

That’s all very nice, but what’s in it for me?

For the exercise, say your company has letterheads printed blue & green.

If a printing company prints a 2 colour letterhead on a single colour printing press it will need to run through the press twice but, if they are printed on a 2 colour printing press they only require one run through the press and therefore will be on the press for around half of the time and consequently the ‘press cost’ will be around half.

A no brainer, right.

Conversely, if 2 colour letterheads are printed on a 4 colour printing press they will not be printed any quicker than on a 2 colour printing press but will cost considerably more as a 4 colour printing press is costed out at a much higher rate (because it costs more to buy) than a 2 colour printing press.

Get it?

Also, depending on how much money the printing company wants to spend on equipment, they can purchase a printing press that prints 6,000 sheets per hour or, for a lot more money, purchase one that prints 12,000 sheets per hour.


Some printing companies are very good, and well priced, for single colour printing, some for 2 colour printing, some for 4 colour printing, etc, etc

Some are better at jobbing work whilst others are more cost effective printing long run work.

Some can provide a full graphic design & prepress service and others just print from what you give them.

And it’s all entirely dependent on the equipment they have.

The problem is…

Every printing company I’ve ever known, and there’s been many, will accept orders that do not really fit within their equipment guidelines, even though they are well and truly aware that they cannot produce the work cost effectively, and/or the quality may suffer.

And you my friend, will pay too much…or the quality will no be what you expected…or both.

You see…

“Printing companies are production driven”

Whereas we, on the other hand, do NOT have any printing equipment or production issues to contend with so we have more time to focus on you, our customer.

“We are customer driven”

We place your order with the printing company best equipped to produce your individual orders.

T-Shirt Printing – A Craze among the Younger Generation

Men/women, girls/boys of different ages love to wear t-shirts. And it is not necessarily a garment to be enjoyed by the younger society. Whoever you may be and whatever you are up to, wearing trendy t-shirts or simple cool t-shirts is defiantly in your dress up list. People from all over the world love to wear these which help them to feel comfortable at heart also.


They have ruled the market during the past, and have become a major garment piece for both the genders in this present era, and will definitely be taking their success to a much higher level in the near future. T-shirts are no way expected to change or lose their worth of wearing no matter what changes on earth. in fact what is catching up is the trend of custom t-shirts.


The latest concept of making own designed T shirt printing is fast catching up everywhere. These are customized by the user after purchasing while applying some printable stickers or stitching designs. T-shirt printing procedure is a real easy way to accomplish. In fact, the customized printing frankston does not takeplace through machines. Rather, there are special stickers which can be pasted over the garments through the help of pressure. This makes the stickers get attached to the garment in the most convincing way. They don’t come out. However, they should not be bleached or ironed on the visible side. This may cause some harm to the prints and they may get wasted severely.


The use of custom printing and designing on the t-shirts is more common among the young generations. They love to have some quotes printed ontheir garment front and rear side and make custom t-shirts. They even love to have the faces of their favorite celebrities printed on the external side to show their love and respect for him/her.

Sign Printing in Bryan, TX

Need a banner for your event or big sale coming up? Looking for a sign printing professional to really help your business’s name stand out amongst the crowd? Well, now is the time to head on over and learn more about our exceptional printing services.

Welcome to Newman Printing Company, your premier printing service in Brazos Valley and Houston. We pride ourselves in providing sign printing and banner printing services at the most affordable costs while always exceeding the expectations of our many new and returning loyal customers.

Your leading supplier of quality banner printing and sign printing services

Newman Printing Company has been serving folks from Brenham, TX, College Station, TX, Bryan, TX, Houston, TX and the surrounding areas since 1950. We started out as a small letterpress printing business and now have grown to be a most reputable name in sign printing, banner printing and more. We are more than pleased to with hold such a strong reputation throughout our community for many of our new customers are referrals.

Here at Newman Printing Company, we have received hundreds of due to the extensive efforts we emphasize towards providing the highest quality printing services that you just won’t find anywhere else. We’ve even won the Benjamin Franklin awards.

For more information on Newman Printing Company, please feel free to visit our website. There you can read more about all of the awards and recognitions we have received, take a look at our various banner printing, sign printing and other printing services, and you can even place your order right online. Come and talk with one of our professionals at any of our locations listed at the bottom of this page or give us a call today to learn more about all of our printing services.

Postcards & Postcard Printing

Postcards: these common, everyday little cards
can give your business a real boost.

Postcards – those wonderful little devices for letting the folks back home know what a great time you’re having skiing in Switzerland.

They’re cheap, easy, look great & they work a treat.

For these very same reasons, postcards can be used to nurture your existing customers and attract new ones.
You can print clever little sales messages on them with supporting graphics and/or photographs.

With todays’ technology, you can even print variable sales messages, graphics and photos on postcards to suit your business, the customer’s business, the situation and the recipient.

You can advise current customers of upcoming specials, new products, new services or send them a birthday gift, an invitation to a product launch night, etc, etc.

For new customer acquisition, postcards can be used as marketing cards with special deals, discount offers, special occassion greetings, etc.

For a small quantity of postcards, digital printing is ideal and for larger runs, variable data press such as an HP Indigo can be used.

Depending on how much time you have to spend on personalising postcards, you can upload a digital photograph of every recipient along with their names & address then personalise the postcard with their name, address & photo.

Another example is where you may have collected the names & addresses of people who a stand at a car show.

The visitors are offered a chance to win a car if they complete a simple questionnaire which includes questions concerning their favourite model, colour, etc. This information can then be collated and postcards with the name & address plus a photo of the actual model car that they described on the questionnaire.

There’s really no such thing as a postcard template and if you’re after postcard mailing services, check out your local mailing house.

Postcards – their use is limited only by your imagination.

The Advantages Of Digital Printing And Means To Achieve It

The digital printing services are one of the finest means using which you can make your desired booklets or pamphlets get printed in any part of the world. These are very much cost effective and using these, you would be able to get the best possible returns when it comes to the overall printing and distribution cost. The digital printing canberra processes act as the most apt means using which you can get the printing tasks executed from distant places. Consider a scenario where you are supposed to transport thousands of pamphlets to some part of the world.

One approach would be to get these printed and thereafter transport them to another place. The transportation overhead in this case is something that you cannot ignore. You need to think of something, which is not just cost effective, but also less time taking. The transportation of these pamphlets would be very much time taking and therefore you definitely need some methods using which you can easily get the cost effectiveness and also the very much sought time efficiency. There are many booklet printing services whom you can contact for this purpose.

All you need to do is to provide them with the needed digital files which you want to get printed on the booklet. You can also ask them to design the same for you. In any of these cases you would be able to get the booklets designed in a proper manner if you contact these booklet printing services. These are meant to provide you with the best possible method of printing when it comes to booklets, pamphlets and any other advertising format. In order to get these done efficiently you need to give your requirements properly in the starting. This includes the dimension of the booklet and also the paper quality prerequisites.