Growing Your Business with Sales Letters

Research shows what direct marketers have known for years…
the age-old sales letter still works best.

Sales letters have been used successfully for many, many years for growing a business through new customer acquisition and are still one of the best methods around.

The primary role of a sales letter is to grab the attention of the reader and convince him to contact the writer so the writer can then commence the sales process.

Sales letters need to be personalised to the recipient and written in a conversational style so they ‘talk’ as you would during a conversation. This set style is called AIDA.

AIDA is an acronym for –

Attention – for a sales letter to work it must have an attention grabbing headline.

Interest – it must grab the reader’s attention very quickly by using valuable benefits. Bullet points are good.

Details – Specific, unique details & benefits of your products and/or services to increase the reader’s interest.

Action – a call to action to prompt the reader to pick up the phone right now and call.

Some of the most successful headlines in history have been written for sales letters.

A sales letter can be as many pages as you like. Many people believe that a short sales letter is a good sales letter, in fact this in incorrect.

When someone is interested in buying they will generally want to read as much as they can about what they’re thinking about buying.

On the other hand, if someone is not considering buying, a sales letter whether short or long, good or bad will generally not convince them to.

Research has shown time & time again that a well written & laid out, long sales letter will out perform a short sales letter the vast majority of times.

Sales letters cannot be too long, only too boring and some are as long as 20 Pages & more.

Sending a series of well written sales letters has even greater success than sending just one. They tend to tell a story spread over a number of letters with each one becoming more convincing & compelling than the previous.

Some direct marketing strategies are based on a one letter shot to break the ice then follow-up by phone. Other strategies are based on a series of sales letters with no phone follow-up.

The success of the letter only strategy is based entirely on the skill of the copywriter. A well written letter will have a much higher success rate than a not so well written letter.

High calibre copywriters are in great demand and can charge upwards of $10,000 for a single sales letter, and much more for a series of letters. However, a successful marketing campaign using sales letters written by a good copywriter can result in a huge increase in new customs and sales.