How to Find the Right Printing Sales Representative

Choosing the right printing sales representative to help you manage your
company’s printing requirements can make a huge difference to your life.

That’s why it’s so very important to find a printing sales representative that is not only service driven and has a great understanding of the printing industry, but one that also takes the time to understand you and your business.

A printing sales representative that has come from a production background is ideal if he possesses the organisational, communication & people skills that are required for the job.

All printing knowledge has to be learnt on the job as there are no colleges or schools where you can gain a working knowledge of the industry in general.

There are of course the technical schools & colleges that an apprentice would attend during his training period. Each of these courses however covers only one specific segment of the industry and are usually two to three years in length so it would be highly impractical to attend multiple courses to achieve that overall understanding that a good printing sales rep should have.

Printing requirements vary greatly between businesses.

Most small businesses use a very small amount with their printing requirements usually restricted to business cards, letterheads & comp slips whereas larger companies may use a much larger suite of business stationery plus numerous marketing documents, NCR books, promotional material etc.

If your company uses a wide range of printed documents, it is of critical importance that your printing sales representative has the experience to guide & advise you on all your printing needs now and in the future.

Of equal importance is the company the your printing sales representative works for.
The printing company must have the capacity, equipment and expertise to produce all the orders that the printing sales representatives bring in. However in some cases, the printing company will accept orders that they are not really equipped to produce, particularly when business is a little slow.

At the end of the day, you need a printing sales rep that understands your needs and the needs of your business, one that can communicate well and follows up on outstanding matters.

Your printing sales representative should also keep you informed of technical issues that may affect your orders, new products and processes and most importantly, keep you in the picture regarding all of your outstanding orders.

In summary, a good printing sales representative can save you a hell of a lot of time and stress.